“I find the EMBA very stimulating, and the learning environment innovative and fun. The combination of in-class lectures with high quality discussions and interesting case studies, the collaborative culture, and the focus on personal development have allowed me to rapidly learn new concepts and ideas.

What has been most surprising is how quickly I have been able to apply some of the new knowledge that I have acquired during the EMBA to my current job. The EMBA will prepare me to step up my career, not only by providing me with new managerial tools, but also by changing my mindset and giving me greater self-confidence to identify and pursue opportunities.”


Head of Governance Op,
Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition
Executive MBA 2010-2012

Latin America Sales Manager, ALSTOM
Executive MBA 2009-2011
“Today’s business environment is so dynamic that high competence is required to make the right decisions. Thanks to the EMBA program at the University of Geneva, I have enhanced my strategic and leadership skills. It has given me the foundation to face further personal and professional challenges.

Talented professors and experienced classmates enrich the discussions of real business cases. The program has equipped me with the tools and knowledge needed to succeed in a management career. The EMBA program is definitely a key contributor to my career success.”

"Enrolling in EMBA has been one of the best investment I made in myself, personally and professionally. A unique blend of culture in the classroom widened my perspective of the industry on a global scale, especially Aviation, and helped me understand the business situations in Airline Industry across globe.

An all-encompassing study content taught by some of the best lecturers, their pragmatic and applied approach in the class really impressed me and made me understand the concepts well. The program also provided me amazing opportunity to broaden my network which has been incremental for my career and boosted my confidence tremendously."

Himanshu DUBE
current EMBA

Sébastien POMMARET
Executive MBA 2015-2017
"This EMBA program has been an intensive experience that offered me the opportunity to work with many interesting people from various backgrounds all along the programme's modules.

The balanced combination of hard and soft modules broaden my leadership skills and positively change my way of managing my company.

Its international dimension addresses every facet of doing business across borders: finance, marketing, culture and so on. In a word, the EMBA provided by the University of Geneva is an intense intellectual and emotional challenge."

"This EMBA program prepared me to become a more well-rounded professional and develop a deeper understanding of subjects required to help reach a high management level.

It helped me deepen and broaden my leadership skills, and focus on the holistic picture. This was also the opportunity to develop my network and acquire new knowledge together with people (managers) coming from different professions and having different visions and aspiration.

In addition to learning new concepts, theories, and skills, I have learned a tremendous amount about myself in particular with the self-leadership program. The program has pushed me to believe in myself in a different way that it was the case in the past. I walked into my current role with a new attitude, new approach and new information thereby benefiting my employer and equally my clients.

Besides, the University of Geneva is a perfect place to study an EMBA; this city is definitely a peaceful place completely integrated in an International dynamic."

Executive MBA 2015-2017

Executive MBA 2016-2018

"In a rapidly evolving world, this MBA program went beyond distinguished academic boundaries. It allowed me to stand on shoulders of giants to see the needs of the future, advance my career and acquire the multidisciplinary skills to answer today’s business & global challenges.

The core and specialization modules formed a well-integrated journey through academic and market knowledge, self-leadership, in-company thesis and networking.

It was enlightening to work and learn from both diverse groups of professors and executive management students. It truly amplifies all the best Switzerland & Geneva have to offer the world."

The Executive MBA of the University of Geneva and IATA Training and Development Institute (ITDI) was a life changing experience, In addition to the cutting edge knowledge I acquired in aviation management, I had the opportunity to work and interact with people from different cultural backgrounds and disciplines, which raised my awareness of cross cultural issues and empowered me with tools and knowledge to improve my effectiveness within multicultural teams.



Executive MBA 2016-2017


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